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Welcome to the Website of John A$hley Hamilton
aka A$hley Alexander


In The Saint
with Roger Moore

In Tarzan
with Lydie Denier

In Naked Evil
with Carmen Munroe


Directing a Scene for
I Met Susan

Poster of I Met Susan

Poster of What's
Bothering You,
directed by John
A$hley Hamilton

Mini Bio

John A$hley Hamilton, Director, Writer, Actor, brings to the entertainment industry many years of experience in acting and film production. A native of London, England, A$hley became a well-known personality there from his work in television and commercial appearances as a young actor. Click here for a full bio.

All the world loves a winner.
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In a scene from the Hooded Terror||||In a scene from the Hooded Terror
In a scene from the Hooded Terror

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